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The First Tutorial: Paint Chip Gift Tags

My first project!  Yay yay yay.  May as well start off with an easy one, right?  So here we go.  Ladies and…probably just ladies (but if there are any gents, you are welcome too!) I give you: Paint Chip Gift Tags!

I saw these on Pinterest and was hoping for a tutorial (yes, that’s how unskilled I am – I wanted a tutorial for these easy as brownies tags), but when I clicked over, it turned out that someone on Etsy was actually selling them.  Sooooo in light of the fact that I don’t want my burgeoning blog to be shut down by a cease and desist letter from that lady’s lawyer, I won’t post a picture of her products or link to her store.  (Ordinarily, I plan to link to the original source to give the originator credit.  Is it bad that I’m starting off on this foot?)

The Key Players:

– Paint chips (the kind you can nonchalantly shove in your purse at Home Depot or even brazenly grab handfuls of while you pretend you are repainting an entire apartment building in every shade of every color)

– Ribbon

– Buttons

– Elmer’s glue (plus a paint brush to apply the glue)

– Scissors

– A ruler or straight edge of some sort

See that JCPenney coupon?  That’s my straight edge because I’m so novice I couldn’t even find a ruler.  I plan to purchase one soon, at which point I will be immediately upgraded to intermediate.  Also notice the leftover macaroni from my son’s dinner?  That’s what I get for trying to be artsy with my camera angle.

I didn’t put the glue in the picture above because I wanted to save my Big Fat Awesome Tip (BFAT…love how that worked out) for it’s own picture.  Hopefully I’ll come up with at least one BFAT for every post.  Sometimes they will probably be truly awesome, others they will probably only be awesome enough to make me feel good about myself.  Either way, BFAT they’ll be.

So, the BFAT.  I used to put glue on paper plates and use a paint brush.  That is awesome in itself because before I even did that, I used to just squirt glue directly from the bottle and ruin any and all projects I worked on.  Anyway, I’m being too chatty.  My BFAT is this:

Instead of using a paper plate, you can use a lid from a baby food jar!  That way you can just rinse it off when you’re done and use it again.  There you go, your BFAT of the post.  Hope you’re not too disappointed.


Step 1:  Use your ruler to draw 2 diagonal lines on your paint chip, creating a pyramid/triangle shape.  If your button is small, you can make the top a more precise angle; if your button is large, you will want to leave it thicker to support the extra weight.

Step 2:  Cut the excess off the sides to leave just your tree shape.  Using either a second paint chip or one of the strips of excess you cut off, cut a small rectangle for the trunk.  Glue the trunk to the back of the tree.  (I thought I had taken pictures of this step but I don’t know what happened to them.  Hopefully it’s pretty self-explanatory.)

Step 3:  Take your selected button and apply a thin to medium layer of glue to the back.  You can also add a dab of glue to your tree if you want.  Stick your button onto your tree and press for a few seconds.  (In retrospect, it would probably be easier to do this step last but I’ve done it like this for all my tags and they turned out fine.)

Step 4:  Turn your tree over to apply your ribbon.  I used a shiny/satiny ribbon that was pretty thick, so I cut it in half hot dog style (aka length-wise).  Glue one end of the ribbon down to the top, making sure the shiny side is facing out towards the front of your tag.  Then bring the other end of the ribbon down and glue it down, creating a loop.

And there you have it!  You’re finished.  Super easy, super cute.  You could probably do all sorts of things with them.  Maybe make some sort of garland to string across your fireplace or a door.  I made some others and got even more ambitious by adding glitter.  In my mind, if you can use glitter on something, you should.

Easiness Factor: Without a doubt, 1

I’m feeling a little guilty by making my first post something so incredibly easy.  But don’t worry, things will start picking up around here and increasing in difficulty.  I’ve already got my second project in the works.  If you have some pins you’d like me to test drive for you, please email me!  I’m wide open to suggestions.  Hope to see you back here next time!


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