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Welcome to my new blog!

Who you are:

You literally lose sleep because you can’t stop looking at Pinterest.
You repin DIY projects and recipes that a fellow pinner described as “simple” and then you go to try it and you realize that the person who said it was “simple” is likely a skilled photographer, artist or master chef.
You love being crafty and domestic, but you don’t have a lot of time and you can’t waste the time you do have on difficult, intricate projects that deliver lackluster results.
Who I am:
A 20-something wife and mother of two who is all of the above (aka just like you). I love crafts, doing projects with my kids, trying new recipes and just generally being creative. However, I don’t have what you might call a natural knack for these things.
I can’t draw.
I don’t knit.
I know only the one basic crochet stitch, and even then I don’t know how to add rows so the best I can do is knit the world’s longest ant scarf.
I’ve taken a few pottery classes in my time and the only reason I ever passed was either because I sucked up to the teacher or because it was pass/fail and I passed simply for showing up.
I can barely hammer a nail into a piece of wood, and my greatest construction triumph was putting together my son’s infant swing all by myself at 8 months pregnant when my husband was at work. (I always get SUPER excited when I can take an instruction manual from some piece of furniture, baby gear, etc. and successfully use it to get that item to look like the picture on the box.)
It typically takes me one to two tries (at best) with a recipe to get it remotely near what the originating chef intended.
I only recently discovered that, when you’re crafting, it’s way easier if you squirt Elmer’s glue onto a paper plate and use a paint brush to apply it to your project instead of putting it directly onto your project and ruining it by using either too much or too little.
Basically, I’m Crafting Level 0.
What this blog is:
This blog is a place for people who are like me (and even, if they can tolerate it, people with slightly or even significantly more natural talent than me) who are addicted to Pinterest and DIY projects. My mission is to take pins making the rounds on Pinterest and execute them. I will document their execution at various levels, then I’ll post the pictures and a commentary here. At the end, I’ll give each project a rating of simplicity on a scale of 1-5 (1 being my 2 year old could do it himself, 5 being it was so hard that I wanted to quit but didn’t because I had to blog about it). I will also post how long each project or recipe took me.
So how am I different from other blogs that posts tutorials and stuff like that? Well, I kind of already told you but if you’re going to ask again, it’s that I truly don’t have any real inborn talent for this kind of thing. The only thing I come by naturally is a sincere love for being creative and a sincere desire to be good at it. When you read my commentaries and see my pictures, the most common thought you’re likely to have is, “Aw that’s so cute, her toddler must have helped.” or, “Aw, well, A+ for effort anyway!”
When you read my posts, you will know that I am giving you the point of view and opinion of someone who is truly a beginner in almost every way. My hope is that it will inspire and encourage you to try new projects and recipes with a clear idea of what you’re getting into!
If you have recently pinned anything that you are hesitant to try or are just curious about, email me and let me know! I’d be happy to look at it and see if I can give it the old college try. I’m not working with an unlimited (or even large) budget, but I do have the will to create so we’ll see how this goes! Hopefully if I can stick with this blog, my husband will let me get a custom template designed. Think of the possibilities!
Pinning Addicts Unite!

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